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Our Products & Services

Our line of products and services
  • Creativyst® Custom Web-Based Software Development
    Our specialty is designing and building corporate applications that are web-based AND platform independent. If you are currently specifying a project for development in a spreadsheet or other desktop environment, I'd like to work with you to re-cast it as a browser based application. Let me show you how an application can run on any platform using a browser-based user interface. Making an application web-based often produces leaping advantages in access and productivity compared to the desktop-bound corporate applications of the past. Creativyst understands, and can help you understand, the many differences and special design considerations specific to browser-based applications. Whether you employ Creativyst or someone else to develop your web-based applications for you, be sure you understand -at least- the following:

    • An application that only runs on Internet Explorer is NOT platform independent.
      I.E. applications have hooks into the underlying Windows(tm) operating system and assume that Windows specific resources are available for their use. People running non-windows browsers will generally be excluded from using your application. Who uses a non-Windows browser? People with mobile devices, people in high security environments, people using Linux, people using Apples from their home or school offices, people in mainframe environments, etc.

    • SOA/P and other Web-Services standards are for platform-locked applications.
      SOA/P is designed so that desktop bound applications running on different platforms can use the web to exchange data and functionality with each other. Platform-independent applications employ these technologies in order to interact with their platform-locked counterparts and each other. The thing to remember is that using SOA/P and web-services does nothing to make an application platform independent. The two technologies are both communications standards, but are otherwise unrelated.

    • Desktop user interface development practices are not transferable to browser based user interfaces.
      A desktop user-interface that is transferred verbatim to a browser based user interface will be tedious to use at best. A browser based user interface should be designed to work comfortably whether it is used at DSL speeds or cell-phone dial-up speeds. Standard, desktop user-interface practices do not take response turn-around times and REST styled transactional interfaces into account. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of the development tools and frameworks provided by platform vendors are designed to help developers easily move their desktop applications into browsers unchanged. Don't let this happen to your browser-based applications.

    • Browser-based applications must have standard security mechanisms built directly into the application.
      A browser based application must be designed from the start to be secure. This means it must interact with existing, external security standards as well as implement specific internal measures commensurate with the criticality of the security requirement. The short version: security must be taken seriously.

  • Creativyst® Real Time Data Acquisition Systems
    Our innovative software combined with consulting and systems integration services can connect your legacy and new systems together in real-time.

    • Creativyst® Gleaner
      This software allows you to monitor and automatically respond to real-time data generated by diverse systems and communicated in a variety of formats. Whether your data is generated by a legacy mainframe and transmitted in EBCDIC or it's coming off your company intranet, this product can capture it, display it, and instantly act on it as you specify. While display display is only one of Creativyst® Gleaner's capabilities, it is currently compatible with LED signboards (readerboards) from Telegenix and AMS, Plasma displays from Telegenix, as well as any VGA style graphics display connected to a serial port or Windows operating system, such as LCDs, and CRTs. Do those old systems have strange and mysterious interfaces? Don't worry, we're ready to help you with support, consulting services, and hardware offerings.

  • Creativyst® Website Development Software & Tools
    Our tools and libraries for developers are well documented and easy to use. If we can't do it better, we don't do it.

    • Creativyst® Glossary
      Simply the best website glossary script available anywhere. The first glossary to chain to other glossaries when it can't find a word. It uses CUF® codes, which make it easy for your wordsmiths to add tables, illustrations, and links to their definitions.

    • Creativyst® JavaScript Compressor
      Use this tool free here on our site, or download it for use on your own intranet site or browser for a very reasonable price. Compress your JavaScript code before distribution so you can format and comment it liberally, and so your pages load quickly no matter what the browser's bandwidth.

    • Creativyst® Browser Tools (bt.js)
      A small but very useful library of JavaScript functions. Most are tested to work in IE4/5x and Netscape 4.7x/6.2.x What's great about this little library of functions? They are well documented, and TINY. The entire library only requires about 10K of browser bandwidth.

  • Creativyst® Website Hosting, Design, & Administration
    We will be happy to set up a hosting account for the web based application we build for you. We also sell hosting accounts for many other reasons. Whether you want a simple low-cost web calling card, a full e-commerce enabled business site, or a community participation and collaboration site to support your customers or employees Creativyst has the know-how and resources to help you. We provide fast, guaranteed, and stress free development at a surprisingly reasonable price. You may have a desire to do it yourself or prefer a complete turn-key solution. Either way we are committed to providing services and knowledge personalized to your style and expertise.

    • Creativyst® Custom Website Design
      We at Creativyst have the expertise to custom design any site for you. We can combine it with our understanding of data-acquisition to make specific company information visible on your website. You can provide your customers with ultra-responsive help-desk and pre-sales support in online forums, or Instant Messaging. We'll even be happy to handle the day-to-day site administration tasks for you if you so choose. Contact us in the forums or using the link here so that we may learn what you're requirements are.

    • Creativyst® Website Hosting
      We sell some of the most reliable low-cost hosting services you can buy at any price. When combined with our discount pricing and our commitment to customer service and support this is an unbeatable hosting deal. Sign up! You will wonder why you ever hosted with anyone else.

    • Creativyst® Script Installation Services
      Whether you bought it from us or someone else, our website script installation services are reasonably prices and stress free.

  • Creativyst® Enterprise Products & Custom Software Development
    We design software systems to automate your business processes and to make business information and know-how available where it's needed, when it's needed.

    • Creativyst® Custom Software Development
      As a business owner your goal is to avoid the stress of a system that doesn't do exactly what you want it to. If you're looking for custom designs, our development services will focus energy up front, starting with knowing, understanding... grasping, your true requirements. We know from experience it is here, at this earliest stage of specification, that a project's success often hinges. We've also learned that this is an intensely collaborative time, when information must flow in both directions. We're prepared to teach as well as learn about your business automation requirements. Contact us today to begin the process, or just to get a better idea of what's involved.

    • Creativyst® JobTrack
      A job scheduling and tracking application for businesses that assemble jobs to order. It displays information about a lot of jobs in a very apparent way, much like that old white board you use to track jobs. Though, with much more power. Any valid user, anywhere on your network or the internet if you put it on a web server (yours or ours) can view the board, make immediate changes to it, and see changes others have made. Try out this fully functional demo installation. The only thing that has been disabled is the security, so go ahead and add, edit, or delete jobs as you'd like.

    • Hardware
      We sell hardware systems and components in support of our consulting and software offerings. Our hardware philosophy is cut and dry. First and formost we insist on reliability in the products we carry. Once that requirement is satisfied we look to provide you with the best bang for the buck. The goal: to insure you pay the lowest TCO prices for the hardware products that will reliably meet your needs.

  • Creativyst® Enterprise Systems Consulting Services
    • Creativyst® Consulting
      We provide consulting, specification, and integration services for hardware and LAN/WLAN systems, cabling, administration, and third party software configuration services to our clients. Contact us with your requirements.

A Word About Web Based
Business Applications
Many of the business applications we are developing for our clients and customers today are designed to run on web-browsers. Whether businesses deploy them over the Internet to make information available to multiple locations, or just run them on the office LAN, these applications often have many advantages over computer-bound applications. Advantages include cross platform compatabiltiy, Internet readiness, a simple familiar interface that users learn qucikly, standards based to interoperate with systems from other vendors, anywhere/anytime availability, etc. These web-based enterprise applications range from simple job scheduling and tracking boards to full enterprise information and support systems.

Developer Tools
& Cooperative Projects
We are always looking for areas where we can help fellow developers in their effort to provide better solutions to their clients. These efforts include making free developer tools available on our website, entering into collaborative efforts when we will all benefit from them, and nurturing ties and community whenever we see a chance to do so. Our philosophy on cooperation with other developers is simple: We embrace competition when competing makes us better people and cooperation when cooperating benefits everyone.