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It Costs Nothing to Sell
Creativyst Products from Your Site

We want your help selling the products we produce. The Creativyst Associates Program (CAP™) allows you to refer buyers to our site and share in the profit from purchases they make.

Benefits of Our Associates Program

  1. We Have A Generous Profit Sharing Structure
    We nearly split the net profits on each (after the initial minimum is met) sale of a product. Imediately after you sign up you will have access to our Associate Product Report which shows clearly the amount you will make for each product purchased by your referred visitor. For example, for selling one $23.00 glossary script license, an associate will earn over $10.
  2. We Sell World Class Products and Solutions
    Our products are of the highest quality. Our philosophy is simple: If someone else can do a thing as well or better than us, then we should improve or find something else to do.
  3. It's Easy to Become an Associate
    As mentioned, there is no cost. You need only apply and agree to our program's Terms and Conditions. Once you've completed your appliction and are accepted you may begin refering buyers and sharing in the profits.
  4. The Initial Minimum Quantity is Low and Fair
    To prevent good bargain hunters from using the program as a discount coupon, there is a low three item minimum. Once you've sold the initial three YOU ARE PAID FOR THEM and for each individual unit you sell from then on.
  5. We Support Our Associates and Customers
    With forums, a suggestion/bug list for reporting bugs or suggesting new features to add, FAQs, and quick turn-around on questions.

Sign Up Today!

It's easy to become a CAP™ associate:

  1. Read the Associates Program Terms and Conditions
    You must agree to abide by terms and accept all conditions of these terms in order to become an associate.
  2. Fill out the Online Application Form
    All information, especially contact information must be valid. No throw-away emails will be accepted.
  3. Look For the Acceptance Letter in Your In-box
    This could take from five to 10 business days to receive. If buyers refered from the associate's site purchase products in this time, the associate will be credited with the sales if/when he or she is accepted.
  4. Start Refering Buyers
    As mentioned, if the associate is accepted, purchases will be credited from the time of the application (within 10 minutes and barring any network malfunctions of course). So it's up to you. You may begin refering buyers imediatly, or wait for your acceptance letter to arive. To refer buyers you simple make all links to our site through the associate gateway program ( Read our complete instructions for making links with

We believe in taking care of our associates. You want respect and forthright agreements designed to bring us both success. That's what we want as well.

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