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+=Not done,   o=Completed,   %=In progress,  
  Release Date Ver. Comment
  WISH ? Title
After term is submitted, if it exists, return an Edit form with the NEWly added definition in hard copy above it. Message: "Term found: You must make/paste your changes into the edit form below to have them recorded"
Add a "$Deletors" configuration setting so administrators can give a specific list of those allowed to delete records.
Include Enter-Only security so visitors can add "suggested" glossary entries.
Include a term index which will help with many future feature enhancements.
Glossinator: Automatically add glossary links to the HTML of any web page a user specifies and return the modified HTML (including CLASS attributes).
API Function to scan text messages and return them with glossary terms hyperlinked.
More features on the Admin Page.
Allow changes to Glossary config vars from admin page.
Add enhanced SoundEx search for terms
In 'entire letter' layout: Only hyperlink NavBar if there are definitions in the database for that letter.
Explicit support for abbreviations as special case synonyms.
Allow link to definition to be displayed in definition text (for easy pasting into CUF compliant forums).
A simple report linked from the admin page showing all the word entries with phrase, the seeOnly entries and the first 'n' characters of each definition. Perhaps include delete facility here as well.
Import facility for Glossary XML files
Support Office-XP Smart Tags providing definition links from within Word and Excel documents (Export to Microsoft's MOSTL-XML format)
Continue to improve style classes for all dynamically generated visible elements in displays.

? Bug fixes/features...
Include list screening authority of all "suggested" terms with links to: Edit, Accept, or Reject(delete) them.
Include categorization of (terms? definitions?) for future listing filters. (chef2chef)
Add new NON-HTACCESS security scheme that uses security levels for edit/add/review, as well as for which terms can be viewed/seen. Will require a new separate user-base, with security access and password maintenance (off-world)
Add new NON-HTACCESS user-base and security access functions. Password change funcs will be added in later release.
Add RSS (v2.0) and JSMsg feeds for recently edited or added terms.
Add security-level field to DB. A level of zero (0) or not there will be the most open security ring. Levels from 1 to n will be higher (more closed) security levels (reverse of Intel x86).
Add security-group TAGS to CUF. These will work to allow word-by-word exclusion within definition-texts that are the same as the security-level fields used to exclude access to the entire term (see above entry). These Will be [SecCat=L000]-[SecCat=L999].
Add [contentflag0]-[contentflag9] tags to CUF, and incorporate in Glossary. This will allow editors to tag certain content that will display only when a given flag is set to true in This can be used (for example) to include April Fool's day content within the normal content that can be switched on in March, and switchd back off for the rest of the year.

? Bug fixes/features...
Add nofollow attributes ( option) to external links.
Add ID attributes to search form fields, so that people can access them using modern Javascript conventions/standards.
Add [rawhtml] tags to CUF, and encorporate in Glossary. This will allow editors to embed raw html markup (such as youtube embeds) in their entries.
Add ^cufRsrc replacement string so that a resource directory can be defined for images and other resources. This allows the glossary to be easily moved between dns names.
Add new Description and keywords fields to database for each entry. This may be useful for producing feeds, and other features where a terse description might be useful. It will also be good for adding these meta fields to the entry template (see below).
Add new <!--~:Description --> and <!--~:Keywords --> tags, so that this per-entry meta-information can be added to the template file. This should improve SEO.
Add new <!--~:UrlScriptBase --> tag, so that semi-static structures can be produced in templates, which can be moved. This will allow, e.g., the production of a navigation bar of any format and layout, which, once produced, can be moved to any URL without changing.
Add naked-emperor (#cough#atomi?corp#cough? BS) to allow youtube vids to be embedded wherever fake security schemes have been sold.
Detect and skip-over "See" references in sorted list of terms when letter-navigation (Nav=A) is used to switch to a new letter. Only needs to be done for non-frame displays.
Detect and skip-over "See" references in sorted list of terms when search field navigation (WL=Search) is used to produce a list of terms meeting the search. Only needs to be done for non-frame displays.
Add fly-over definition (summary definition) field to DB. NOTE: THIS IS NOW COVERED IN THE DESCRIPTION FIELD. See above.
Add tags to cuf for entities. [e=...] and [amp=...].
Fix bug where terms with 2 trailing 's' are not recognized in (e.g., "process"). They seem to work ok in which makes the link with one trailing 's'.

1.4g Bug fixes/features...
Internet spam screening and general hardening against bad people on the Internet.
Inapropriate language ('bad-word') screening
Admin Page: Include a section to clear all journal (old) definition records from a selected letter.
Added <--~:nfIndexLink --> field for use in the noframes sections of framesets.
Break SeeAlso label out into <--~:SeeAlsoLabel ... --> template field that is only printed if there are SeeAlso references. Remove label display from normal SeeAlso field.
Added four word-list layout variables to file: $WLBefore, $WLAfter, $WLItemBefore, $WLItemAfter. These will default to current layout structures if they are left blank (or not present due to older files that haven't been updated). They will NOT be treated as BIT file entries for ListBefore, ListAfter, ItemBefore, ItemAfter respectively. That is, they will NOT be permitted to have WL template fields embedded in them.
Add Creativyst's default (9x3) <--~:NavBar --> field to process. This is simply for added convenience since a navigation bar can be defined as static HTML code directly in the template.
Include dynamically generated Add link to GetTerm.tpl template. This is simply for added convenience since an Add link can be defined as static HTML code directly in the template.
Allow terms with embedded percent signs, and leading space characters.

1.4f Bug fixes/features...
In no-frame w/list displays, term-search only returned list of matches from one letter with matching terms. Fixed so that all matching terms from all letters are returned (just like framed version).

1.4e Bug fixes/features...
List produced by term-search is empty and causes selections from the list to return not-founds.

1.4d Bug fixes/features...
Add template fields to frameless, single-definition display (frameless display using Template fields added: SearchField, TermSearchField, Letter.

1.4c Bug fixes/features...
Fix problem with diacritical characters in CSV imports. They will no longer be converted to HTML entities before storage in the database.

1.4b Bug fixes/features...
Add SSIText template field which takes a file path to a text file to be included. This will allow more efficient template layouts for sites structured around SSI (server side includes).
Add a last-resort full-text search alternative. It provides a self-contained search option, but comes with the trade-off that it uses more server resources. It is required for those who don't have the external server facilities normally used by Glossary's existing full text search feature (or for those who don't care about the extra server resource usage).
Fix problem with CSV imports (bug introduced by v1.4a code restructure).

1.4a Bug fixes/features...
Minor restructure - Make single configuration file for a given directory installation.
Minor restructure - Move common funcs to a single library module.
Add search field for TERM-ONLY searches (to current full-text search capabilities).

1.3c Bug fixes/features...
Add a <!--~:RawDate --> template field to GetTerm and Glossary template processing. It displays the record date (last update) for each term.
Have terms sort so that shorter terms that are identical to the beginnings of longer terms sort first.
Fix a variety of release bugs.

1.3b Bug fixes/features...
Include a [] Confirm checkbox with the delete facility.
Dissallow deletes when in example mode (GID). Display a short message explaining that the definition would have been deleted but this is an example implementation.
Fix a variety of problems displaying and editing terms with leading diacritical characters.
Double quotes embedded in terms may cause problems with storage and retrieval. Be sure to squeeze out double quote characters in all contexts where it could cause a problem.
Insure all subroutines have ampersand introducers to get around possible Perl bugs (e.g. Perl version 5.8).
Fix problem with CSV Import. Definition field will not import if there is no SeeAlso03 column (header) defined in the CSV file.
Shut off EGInstall in distribution package. 1.3a left this turned on, which will cause problems if run from servers other than Creativyst's.

1.3a Bug fixes/features...
Produce a web-based way for glossarists to completely delete a term and defintion.
Include example JavaScripts for access and framset maintenance in distributions
Have "See:" references display definitions from the term they reference without showing intermediate step. only.
Make $Editors configuration variable work in and
Full-page ( display: Change glossary links embedded in definitions to go to the letter page and Name-anchor to the term. Replace existing behavior of popping a GetTerm window for the phrase.
Add search capabilities to full-listing ( Same as currently implemented for
Doc typo: Change edit="the" to Edit="the" in the installation document (upper case 'E').

1.2e CSV export, Secy Overide, bug fixes
CSV export facility to allow terms to be exported to database and spreadsheet programs.
Simple security override for Admin page so that it does not need to be secure to be run (something other than GID override mechanism which is limited).
Fix so no default page is displayed when user enters nothing into the search field.
Fix so no default page is displayed when glossarists enter nothing into the edit field. Display error message instead.
Default CSV extension should be '.csv' NOT '.cvs'.

  [ /b ]
1.2d CSV import, diacriticals, Entities...
CSV import facility to allow terms kept in spreadsheets and databases to be easily added. Use header names to direct field content to proper database fields. (chef2chef)
Handle letters with diacritical marks more intelligently when sorting. (chef2chef)
Convert all characters greater than 123 to entities in XML export files.

1.2c Bug fixes/update templates...
Update the example page templates that are shipped with the distribution package to show search field and improved access in the NOFRAMES area.
Insure bare links at the very end of definitions are converted to hypertext (add a blank line to the end of messages before translating.).
Obsolete static pages were turned ON in the distribution package, causing installation issues. Shut OFF obsolete static pages in distribution package.

1.2b Bug fixes/features...
Full text searches for terms
Add processing of ".bit" (partial template files) for better control over the layout of iterated (table) entries in Glossary display
Better support for 'entire letter' layout style (Merck)
Need better style classes for the dynamic NavBar in all screens where it is used.
Parenthesis in terms cause problems when matching words and invoking edits (seems like they're getting into the RegExs).

1.2a Add XML Export file
XML Export file for glossary data
Consistent anchor and TD style classes

1.1d Fix security vulnerability
o   Fix Security problem: Unauthorzed people can add/edit definitions

1.1c First public release
Features such as chaining, and fully customizable screens
Unsecure/Un-authorized people can add/edit terms.

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