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  Creativyst Introduces First Website Glossary Software That Chains To Other Glossaries When It Can't Find a Phrase
  Glossary software offers webmasters an innovative alternative to telling visitors their term could not be found

Riverside, NJ May-8, 2002 -- In an announcement today, the company introduced the release of a dictionary maintenance script designed to let web sites host their own glossary of terms.

The system automatically chains to a list of outside glossaries when visitors search for a term that is not in the current site's glossary. While the alternates are normally compatible glossaries, the software allows users to name a ``last resort'' link that can be any dictionary lookup site. This allows webmasters to consult a large general dictionary of terms after checking a set of more concise, topic specific glossaries around the web.

The company also announced plans to publish and freely share the mechanism by which chaining between glossaries is accomplished. This will allow competing glossary software packages to interoperate.

When asked why Creativyst intends to fully disclose and encourage use of their glossary's sharing processes, Lead Developer John Repici replied ``We're in the business of providing innovation -- changes that enhance the professional lives of everyone. The goal here is to make life better for site visitors and the site developers who serve them. A world with multiple incompatible standards for sharing glossaries is not consistent with such a goal.''

The glossary software, which sells for under thirty dollars, includes many other innovative features such as:

 -- Inclusion of illustrations, tables,
    links to outside resources, and links to 
    other glossary entries in the text
    of definitions. ... 

-- Easy-to-use formatting codes that get glossary editors up to speed quickly without restricting them from more advanced formatting. ...

-- Templates that exactly match the glossary's style to the rest of the site.

-- Definitions are accessed from web page hyperlinks, text fields, even from special tags that visitors include in their forum and chat messages.

-- Tracks the words visitors looked for and did not find. ...

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Glossary software offers webmasters an innovative alternative to telling visitors their term could not be found