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  Creativyst's JSMsg Getting Noticed
  Mark Gibbs discusses the benefits of JSMsg in his Gearhead Column in Network World Magazine

12-June-2004 - (USA) Riverside, NJ - Creativyst's not-yet-announced dynamic JavaScript syndication convention called JSMsg received some recognition this week in Network World magazine.

Mark Gibbs, an author and consultant who writes two regular columns for Network World magazine, has recently devoted considerable space in his Gearhead column to discuss the benefits of Creativyst's JSMsg syndication convention. Mr. Gibbs also writes the BackSpin column for Network World, whose readers consistently rate his columns favorites.

``I'm grateful, and very happy that Mr. Gibbs, a respected player in the IT world, has recognized the benefits of this convention'' said John Repici of Creativyst. ``he has started cutting a path for people who need this kind of functionality but may not have known that it's out here''.

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About JSMsg

JSMsg is a JavaScript syndication convention that has the advantage of enabling dynamic content to be displayed on web pages without need for server-side scripting.

Millions of people have access to a small amount of web-space through their ISP accounts. This space is typically used for personal pages and restricted to client-side scripts. JSMsg gives this group of people access to dynamic syndicated content, allowing them to easily display the feed on their websites.

JSMsg is a freely shared convention created and maintained by Creativyst. It is free to use for content-feed providers and feed consumers alike, regardless of commercial status.

While JSMsg has not yet been officially announced, it is currently well supported with free code examples and utilities that are available for download at For detailed information and resources on JSMsg, start with a visit to the full JSMsg convention document at:

About Creativyst Software

Creativyst (pronounce: creativist) provides both browser-based and conventional application design and expertise, along with essential services to bring it all together. Whether the goal is an Office app in VB, Quick Books integration, or a fully Web enabled database application, Creativyst provides the experience and development work to turn requirements into deployed systems, on time, and in budget. Business people and Web developers are invited to visit Creativyst's Web site at to find articles, papers, Web and developer tools (many free from the site), and more.


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Mark Gibbs discusses the benefits of JSMsg in his Gearhead Column in Network World Magazine