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04-Mar-2011 Biological Underpinnings of Influence Learning
While influence learning in artificial neural network simulations is new, it is based on biological observations and underpinnings from discoveries made over twenty years ago. This entry describes one such observation.
27-Jan-2011 Introducing: Multitemporal Synapses - Giving Adaptive Systems a Present
A set of constructs and methods introduced and described in the book: Netlab Loligo will improve the ability of systems constructed with them to adapt to current short-term situations, and learn from those short-term experiences over the long term.
27-Dec-2010 Experimenter and Theorist Scientist - When Soulmates Divorce Friends Must Choose
Is it just me, or have the theorists started sounding more and more like something from a kool aid cult?
17-Nov-2010 See Every Synapse and Its Type - Stanford's New Imaging Technique
Stanford University School of Medicine has developed a relatively simple new imaging technique that provides a very exact way to capture the synapses of a connectome with pinpoint 3D positional accuracy, and considerable contextual resolution.
19-Oct-2010 Influence Learning Gets A Patent
The Influence Learning Algorithm, one of two new learning algorithms described in the book Netlab Loligo, has just been awarded a United States Patent.
07-Sep-2010 Introducing: Influence Learning
As you might guess, the first benefit is simplicity. The method does not try to hide a lack of "new ideas" behind a wall of "new computational complexity". It is a simple, new, method based on a simple, almost axiomatic, observation, and it can be implemented with relatively little computational power.
01-Sep-2010 Evidence for Myosin II Mediation of Short- to Long-Term Memory Formation
One of Netlab's synapse mechanisms and structures is based loosely on a silent-synapse hypothesis of long- vs short-term memory, which both occur at the same connection-point (synapse). Netlab includes a learning method based on this as well, called weight-to-weight learning.
23-Aug-2010 Diffuse-to-Focal vs Local-to-Distributed: Not an Either-Or Choice
As a programmer I find it very satisfying when a phony false choice is taken down. Chris Chatham, who maintains Developing Intelligence blog looks like he's hot on the trail of one.
18-Aug-2010 Experimenter: Bring Your Own Razor - (book excerpt)
...programmers must give experimenters the ability to define their own (real) razors, and so should not mandate them in the modeling tools we provide. That is, we should give experimenters more, and let them decide for themselves how to divide and conquer those “more” into “fewer”.
04-Aug-2010 Syntax not in Broca's Area?
There's an interesting article at the Talking Brains blog that gets our bearings and discusses our current understanding of the relationship between Broca's area and language. If you are still of the old notion, that it is the area singularly responsible for syntactical construction of sentence grammar (as I was), this will be a worthwhile read
12-Jul-2010 Book Excerpts: Feedback - Robotics - And The Importance of a Milieu
"...If you place a learner directly into an isolation tank at birth, it will not learn."
05-Jul-2010 fMRI Gets Improved: New Ways to fMRI
The improvements and innovations are coming fast and furious now. It is a great time to be into this stuff. Traditional fMRI (it is strange to type that) detected blood flow.
01-Jul-2010 Loligo Blog: Actuators
In the broadest sense, actuators are anything that can convert a signal into a physical motion or movement. In a more practical sense, actuators are the "muscles" used to provide controlled motion to robotic systems.
18-Jun-2010 Forums (imo): Computer Scientist != Programmer
One of these things is not like the other
04-May-2010 Book: New Approaches To Neural Network Simulation
New book describes Netlab Loligo, which is conceptually a device-oriented breadboard system for neural network design and development. Netlab is NOT math-based. It is not just one more attempt to mathematically extend existing formulas, which were first used to describ laboratory observations made over twenty years ago.
22-Mar-2010 Maxim 1-wire == "Plugged In Not Charging"?
No answers or work-arounds here, just trying to get to the bottom of how this debacle happened in the first place
24-Aug-2008 IMO (forums): Dominic's Pearl Metaphor
Why must everything be a movement?
04-Oct-2007 New Doc: The Return of the LOC Monster - Lines-Of-Code: An ambiguous metric with the look-and-feel of numerical precision
Lines-Of-Code (LOC) counts have the look and feel of a numerically precise metric, but are ambiguous at best. Problems with LOC are documented. Better alternatives are suggested
03-May-2007 Creativyst(R) Glossary version 1.4g - Now available on the DL page. New template fields, new features, and a bad-word filter
Added a few new convenience features and template fields, including inappropriate language filter and bot frustrater, a new administrative facility, etc. The latest version is now available on the DL page to existing customers and new purchasers.
08-Jan-2007 Random Notes: CS Versus Laurence Olivier
Use a safety net, but only if you can work safely without one.
09-Oct-2006 Doc Update: SoundEx – Completed and tested version 1.0d of the function in C, JavaScript, Perl, and VB
John Nye (the tool guy) found some bugs in the untested Perl code that finally inspired me to take a little time and fully test and release the latest code (v1.0d).
16-Feb-2006 Creativyst(R) Glossary Version 1.4f - More template fields for frameless displays
Version 1.4f of our web-based glossary maintenance script adds three new template fields to use in frameless displays (where a single definition is displayed along with a menu of terms for the letter or search term). The new fields permit term and full-text search fields to be used, in much the same way they are in WL frames, in framed displays.
01-Feb-2006 New doc: CTX - The Creativyst Table eXchange Format
CTX is a more precisely defined and functional alternative to CSV, and a lower overhead alternative to many applications of XML. The CTX exchange format embodies the simplicity of CSV, while permitting, via optional secondary mechanisms, the exchange of data with complex structural hierarchy. CTX achieves low overhead by permitting data-types to be tagged with type, display, structure, help, and other information. By tagging types instead of data, CTX vastly improves bandwidth-usage over the strategy of tagging every data-value instance with two identical nametags. This also permits rich meta-information to be shared about the data being exchanged. The added metadata is optional for writers, and, if present, may be used or ignored at the option of reading applications.
18-Jan-2006 Doc update: Time In Three Parts - Temporality
New notes including suggestions about how the strict temporality defined in the article might be used to predict times of future events.
15-Nov-2005 Forum - IMO: Hype Happens
We currently use DLLs along with a registry to share dozens of common functional components among a few dozen applications running on a single desktop computer. SOA simply scales this scheme up to sharing hundreds of common functional components among thousands of applications running on many desktops. Will the problems we currently experience with DLLs be scaled as well?
13-Nov-2005 Creativyst (R) Glossary v1.4c - added SSIText template field, ease of use, and stability improvements
Version 1.4c fixes a bug introduced with the code re-structure. It also adds a template field called SSIText that allows SSI (Server Side Includes) sites to insert SSI components in their templates. Finally, a special NoGrep option has been added to the full-text function so that sites that are not familiar with grep can more easily include full-text search functionality. It takes a little more CPU resources in exchange for the easier setup.
11-Aug-2005 Creativyst® Glossary v. 1.3c - Some new functionality plus squashed some small irritating bugs
Added a checkbox to confirm deletes, a RawDate template field, and some special code for the demonstration installation (Geeks in the Dark). Also, lots of little bugs have been removed. Workarounds existed for most of them so they were being allowed to accumulate. It's nice to clean them up though.
21-Jun-2005 New Doc: Hybrid Oriented Programming & Design - Embrace design, not dogma
Hierarchical classification (object oriented structure) works for representations of real-world objects because objects are objects. That is, they can only be in one place at a time and two cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Problems and inconsistencies arise when we attempt to force fit concepts into object-based systems because concepts are not objects.
24-May-2005 New FAQ: Creativyst(R) Glossary Frequently Asked Questions
Creativyst Glossary is a platform-independent, Web based application for producing and maintaining glossaries and dictionaries of terms. This FAQ is a collection of many of the questions that have been asked about Creativyst's Glossary program. It should answer many questions for those who are looking for a glossary script for their web site. If there's a question that's not on the FAQ, please contact me and I'll get back to you asap.
15-Feb-2005 New Doc: Convert Dell Service Tag to Express Service Code
A short document that explains the process. It's one of those things that are almost too easy once you know how it's done.
03-Feb-2005 Time In Three Parts - A practical definition of temporality
This paper documents specific relationships between time, frequency, sequence, and temporality and uses that understanding of those relationships to propose an alternative narrow definition for the terms "temporal" and "temporality".
18-Nov-2004 Creativyst(R) Glossary version 1.3a released
New features include extended search field placement, SEE reference fall-through to defining term, better frameless layout support, enhanced accessibility feature allowing visitors to highlight a term anywhere on the site and invoke the glossary for the term, enhanced accessibility allowing visitors to pull up the glossary with a keystroke, and yes, a long overdue delete facility... to name a few
26-Sep-2004 New Tool: Perl Code Compressor
Rough perl compression tool with some obfuscation features. It won't be right for every coding style but it might be just what you need. It's free (if limited).
01-Sep-2004 New Doc: New Doc: The Un-Methodology - Some axioms to keep after the bathwater's gone
04-Aug-2004 New Doc: Creativyst® Software Stability Ratings - Proposed separation of quality from project maturity - A convention developed and used by Creativyst.
A convention for rating software quality that is independent from version number.
12-Jun-2004 Creativyst's JSMsg Getting Noticed
Mark Gibbs discusses the benefits of JSMsg in his Gearhead Column in Network World Magazine
30-Jan-2004 JSMsg Progress Report - Getting Closer
New developments include: An easy way for content providers who already publish an RSS feed to publish JSMsg as well - and a set of JavaScript content scrollers and faders that can display JSMsg feeds.
18-Jan-2004 New page: JSMsg Feeds listing page
Get content feeds to display on your client-side only website
13-Jan-2004 New: JSMsg scroller page - A Listing of JSMsg-Ready scrollers and faders, written in JavaScript - Make Display of Dynamic Content from JSMsg Feeds Easy
All scrollers are available for free use from their sources. Contact Creativyst if you've written a scroller and would like to add it to this listing.
04-Jan-2004 Doc Update: Platform Independent Computing - New section with details on how to specify it in RFQ and custom software requirements contracts
There are a few simple things you can do to specify platform independence in a way that is meaningful and insures most users, on most platforms will be capable of using your newly developed software
30-Dec-2003 Doc Update - Understanding SoundEx - New section: SoundEx and the Census. The Provided Functions Can Now Produce Census Codes as well as the Enhanced Codes Described in the Article
Source code functions provided have been updated to produce the enhanced code described in the article OR either of the two SoundEx codes used in the U.S. census. The converter form has also been updated to reflect these changes. The form may now be easily included in your site or linked as a pop-up from you site.
12-Dec-2003 New Doc: Agile Bridge Building
... In our early years, we in the field of software development learned a great deal about software design and structure. It is time, and we are ready now, to make and keep schedule commitments, well-planned "big upfront designed" specifications, and project budgets. How can we be sure it's time now? By observing how silly our excuses for not doing these things have become.
01-Dec-2003 Updated (free DL) - Now can be run from cron to store converted RSS into static JSMsg files. Lets you provide your own RSS feeds and/or external feeds to other websites with only browser-side JavaScript.
You can make your selected feeds (your own and others) available to webmasters even if they don't have access to server-side scripting.
05-Nov-2003 Updated Doc: Comma Separated Value (CSV) File Format - New Section: CSV and Unicode
New section discussing how CSV works with differing character encoding schemes
03-Nov-2003 October-2003: exceeds 50,000 monthly page views for the first time
Traffic and site continue to grow...
27-Oct-2003 New Doc: Platform Independent Computing
An Overview: What it is, what it is not, why you should use it
10-Oct-2003 Doc update: Reducing Dependence on Proprietary Systems (edits, new section, and proofing by Toby Meehan)
New section: Continuous Independence, consolidating two existing sections, along with lots of great proofreading fixes by Mr. Meehan (thanks).
18-Sep-2003 Forums - IMO: What if SCO Sold Cars?
SCO, RIAA, and Ownership of Ideas
04-Sep-2003 Unimin Selects Creativyst to Develop Their Web Based PC Requisition System
... allows users and IT support personnel at over 50 Unimin locations worldwide to request, track, and authorize new PCs, specifying them from a set of configuration options.
25-Aug-2003 W32.SoBig.F Backwash
Just like a bio-virus, this one uses our own defense mechanisms against us
09-Jun-2003 Creativyst(tm) News Entry Widget v1.1a upgrade is now available on the download page
RSS upgraded to version 2.0, JSMsg syndication feed added, more
19-May-2003 Free Download: - Display RSS Feeds On Your Site (Perl Script) gives webmasters complete creative control over how the information in RSS feeds is displayed on their pages.
15-May-2003 Forums - IMO: A Paradigm of a Different Color
Everyone thinks of the word paradigm as a way to describe how programming languages work. Can we also use it to describe how the whole process of software design is organized and managed?
07-May-2003 Added to Site: Infrastructure to Support Free Downloads
Some behind-the-scenes improvements to make future free software offerings easier to distribute.
24-Apr-2003 New Online Tool: RSS to JSMsg Converter - Helps Demonstrate Uses and Advantages of JSMsg Syndication by Producing Static JSMsg Files from Any RSS Feed
Produce a JSMsg.js file from your favorite Blog or newsfeed. Evaluate and experiment with the JSMsg file produced to learn about the advantages of using JSMsg. This produces a static JSMsg file (you must manually update it from the application) but we will also offer this as a hosted, dynamically updated (one to eight times a day) service.
12-Apr-2003 Precision Response Deploys Dell-Oracle-Linux for Massive Customer Database
Migration to Linux Expected To Save $18,000 Per Month In Hardware Maintenance
12-Apr-2003 Forums - IMO: Feelings about the W3C Standards
Among proponents of the W3C's web development standards, there are those who promote the standards, and those who promote themselves.
10-Apr-2003 Doc Update - Understanding SoundEx Algorithms Now Includes JavaScript Source Code and a Form to Generate SoundEx Codes From User Input
New JavaScript implementation adds to the existing C and Perl SoundEx functions in the article. It also provides the basis for the new form, which returns a SoundEx Code for any word the reader enters. The form will also allow the user to adjust the size of the output codes produced from between 4 and 10 characters in length.
08-Apr-2003 Quote Catcher(R) version 1.0c - With Support for JSMsg Content Display Convention Now Available for Download
This new convention allows JSMsg compatible display scripts to use quote information without requiring them to be manually entered into the script variables
06-Apr-2003 New Doc: Creativyst® JSMsg Webpage Display Convention
Defines a JavaScript file convention that allows dynamically changing content to be shared with external scripts and HTML ("clients") without restricting how the client formats content.
27-Mar-2003 Glossary v1.2d - Now Imports Terms and Definitions from Your Spreadsheet or Database With an Easy CSV Importing Facility
The new facility makes migrating to Creativyst Glossary trivial for those who already keep a glossary in another application. The new version has also added support for internationalization with correct handling for diacritical marks in the Latin alphabet.
24-Feb-2003 Creativyst's Trademark is Registered by the USPTO
Another milestone is passed in the early life of Creativyst, Inc. as Creativyst's trademark and service mark are awarded registered status
30-Jan-2003 Creativyst, Inc.'s website, exceeds 10,000 monthly page views in January-2003 for the first time
An early, humble, milestone is crossed
27-Jan-2003 Quote Catcher Updated - Version 1.0b – Now With Categories, Quote Browsing and Editing, Quote of the Day, and more – Available for Download
Creativyst(tm) announces a new version of a popular web page quote maintenance script that allows webmasters to maintain over 9 million quotes and display fresh quotes on static HTML pages
25-Jan-2003 New tool: JavaScript Experimentation Page - Instantly Run JavaScript Code to Try Out New Things, Including Creativyst(tm) Browser Tools Functions
The page lets you instantly try your JavaScript ideas, from simple typed in snippets to cut-and-pasted programs. Access to functions in Creativyst's own JavaScript Library is also provided on the page.
22-Jan-2003 Doc Update: Understanding CSV File Format - Added section on CSV Format Variations
Should you support existing variations on the '800 lb Gorilla' of CSV?
14-Jan-2003 Creativyst(tm) News Entry Widget v1.0d upgrade is now available on the download page
SSI feed, week and month spacing, fixes
13-Jan-2003 OWASP Identifies Ten Most Critical Web Application Security Vulnerabilities
Download the free report from the OWASP website...
20-Dec-2002 News In Queue Summary from - Is Innovation Heating Up?
...there seems to be a flood of press releases in recent weeks about innovative product developments in the call center and call center related industries.
20-Dec-2002 Creativyst™ Glossary purchasers - Version 1.2b is now available for download on the download page
The main feature addition is full definition text search for visitors using the glossary
02-Dec-2002 New Tool: Convert CSV files to JavaScript Arrays -- Free, at Third in an ongoing Series of Conversion Utilities Available to Use at Creativyst's website
Easily convert any CSV files, such as calendars from MS-Outlook, Inventory items from your accounting software, spreadsheets, or ERP programs into efficient JavaScript code. Once converted to JavaScript arrays, information can be easily displayed using your own, or third party JavaScript browser scripts.
25-Nov-2002 Creativyst Releases the Second in a Series of Free Specialized CSV Converters - This One Converts MS-Outlook Calendars Into DCEvents.js Files for Use in a Popular Third Party Web Page Calendar Program.
Now, people who use the JavaScript Calendar at can easily display their MS-Outlook calendar information on their web pages.
22-Nov-2002 Creativyst Glossary gets full-text search. Webmasters can now let their site visitors search the full text of definitions and get a list of all the terms containing the search phrases they specify.
03-Nov-2002 New Doc: Reducing Dependence on Proprietary Systems: Reduce your shop's Microsoft dependency (or any proprietary technology) without changing your religion
Resources and discussion of tactical issues for shops who want to be less dependent on their incumbent proprietary systems.
12-Oct-2002 New Product! Convert Comma Separated Value (CSV) formatted files to XML. Visitors may use this tool free from the website or download a license for use on their own intranet server.
Visitors to the website are welcome to "just do it" and use the free form at Creativyst's website to convert their CSV files. Or, they may choose to purchase a license to run the same Perl software on their own intranet server for a very reasonable price (under $20 USD)
27-Sep-2002 New Doc: Understanding and Using Comma Separated Values (CSV) formatted data. This article includes a form where you can convert CSV to XML
The CSV to XML conversion form is free for you to use on your own CSV files as often as you'd like from within our site.
24-Sep-2002 Introducing Quote Catcher (new product!): This easy-to-use, web-based script for maintaining a database of quotes employs a novel method to keep quote displays fresh, even on static webpages.
12-Sep-2002 JavaScript Compressor (JSC) v2.2b now available for use at compresses more code with an optimized parsing engine – Developers are no longer required to add semicolons or change coding style just to compress JavaScript
Developers are free to use their own coding, commenting and formatting styles with confidence, knowing they can compress it to a much smaller size for the most effective utilization of network bandwidth
03-Sep-2002 is Proud to Announce Acceptance of Their Site's News & Announcements Feed for Listing By the News Aggregator Site ''
Creativyst is using their own news maintenance software, written in Perl, to provide RSS compatible XML feeds to the aggregator
01-Sep-2002 New Product! Creativyst's News Entry Widget Script Allows Webmasters to Easily Enter, Maintain, and Archive the News & Announcements at Their Site
This news entry script automatically generates RSS formatted XML feeds for listing on syndication sites, as well as javascript feeds for easy integration with webpages on your site and elsewhere
26-Aug-2002 Docs: Understanding SoundEx - A new C language source code implementation has been added to the article, along with some new enhancements to the algorithm itself. New enhancements to improve the basic performance of the algorithm are provided in Perl, and now in C as well.
23-Aug-2002 New Doc: Creativyst Software Stability Ratings A proposal to separate the notion of software quality from project maturity.
22-Aug-2002 Creativyst(tm) Glossary v1.2a Now Permits Exporting in XML Webmasters can now easily export or aggregate their glossary content without loosing copyright assignments.
08-May-2002 Creativyst Introduces First Website Glossary Software That Chains To Other Glossaries When It Can't Find a Phrase Glossary software offers webmasters an innovative alternative to telling visitors their term could not be found

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