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Creativyst™ JobTrack
Product information page

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Example Installation:
  Click this link to see and use a full installation of JobTrack. The data is not real and the security has been shut off, so feel free to add, edit, and delete jobs.

Quick Start
  Click here for some hints on using the demo installations

Creativyst™ JobTrack is a virtual white board that helps you schedule, track, and visualize your customer orders. It is designed to assist with orders that are assembled and filled on a job-by-job basis, where components are often purchased "to order" from suppliers.

Though designed to partially mimic the familiar look and feel of a white board JobTrack's real flexibiltiy comes from it's abillity to leverage the advantages of computers and the Internet to provide a very powerful, convenient, and easy to use job scheduling and tracking tool.

JobTrack presents a list of jobs in the form of a visual display "board". This list shows --at a glance-- the status of each customer order along with the status of all components that need to be ordered or received to fulfill the job.

Actions which are required to fulfill each order are easily viewed along with the dates they must be performed by. When actions are not performed within their scheduled time this is also clearly indicated on the job board through use of color. Many actions can be performed with a single button-click right from the list.

Jobs are easily added and updated. All actions performed on a job are completely reversible. A special security group (called "Administrators") can be defined so that sensitive actions may be limited. Key actions (new order entry and order delivery) are stamped with a user name as well.

All updates are disseminated to all users within the enterprise in real-time, to any location that is reachable on the company intranet or over the World Wide Web.

Scheduling Functions [top]

JobTrack will automatically calculate and fill key date fields for you based on supplier lead-times and the order's delivery date.
  1. JobTrack will provide a "best case" Promise Date for the order. It will use the longest lead-time for all the components included in the order to determine the best delivery date.
  2. JobTrack will calculate an "Order-by" date for each component included in the order. JobTrack does this by working backwards, subtracting the lead-time for each component from the order's delivery date to arive at the order date.
  3. The lead-time for a component will also be used to fill the date when a component is expected to be received from a supplier. JobTrack will add the lead time to the date the component was actually ordered to fill this field.
All scheduling calculations can be manually overridden by simply filling the respective date field with the date you'd prefer. Note also that the above explanations of how JobTrack calculates dates are slightly simplified. For example, user defined slack times --for each component and globally-- are also considered when performing scheduling calculation.

Employee Training and Comfort [top]

At Creativyst, we understand that the expense of overcoming employee resistance to change and initial clumsiness with software can be a substantial barrier to adoption of new tools. We are ready to help you and your employees overcome initial apprehension in a variety of ways.
  1. Online support includes a help desk, FAQs, forums, email, and chat interfaces so your employees will be confident that they can always find help.
  2. Perhaps more than any other help venue, extensive fly-over tips and pop-up help windows quickly improve the comfort level and familiarity that new users attain with the software. These are available to users when they hold their mouse pointer over field labels and buttons. Field labels on forms will also provide specific fly-over help for fields within entry forms.
  3. Traditional help and documentation is available to users simply by clicking on the question mark in the top right corner.
  4. Our software is sold with the understanding that you must be satisfied or return it. This provides the basis for our commitment to help you and your employees get up to speed on this new package with focused initial support.
  5. How else can we help? Not a process, an attitude.

Purchasing [top]

Our traditional (non-ASP) software licenses are sold with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We want you to be happy with the product you purchase from us. If you aren't, you need only return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

Buy it now

License Price (non-ASP): $47.00/each license*
  *A license permits you to use the software for one enterprise's job database. Please see the full license text for specific restrictions and requirements.   Buy now  
ASP (rent it) $7/one month $53.00/one year
  With ASP you pay us to run a dedicated copy of the software for you on our server. There is no license to buy or software to install, and you may download the application's data at any time.   Coming soon  

  • Note: License support includes:
    • Immediate download of the software for licensed use.
    • Download updates as they are released for up to six months.
    • Full online support (forums and email - usually within hours)
  • ASP support includes (soon):
    • Hosting of the application on our web servers for the lease period (normally a year).
    • Installation on our web servers and installation of upgrades as new versions are released.
    • ASP customers do not receive the software but may download their own accumulated data whenever they choose.

Specifications [top]
Package Name: Creativyst™ JobTrack
Language: Perl
Source Included: Yes (with license purchase only)
Non-ASP License  
Cost: $47.00
Max active (pending) jobs: Depends on your hosting server. Typically 300-400 for a shared (off site) hosting service or 1000-2000 for an in-house or co-located server.
Cost per year: $47.00
Cost per month: $7.00
Max active (pending) jobs: Depends on usage. Typically 300-400. If more bandwidth is required it may be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Rent JobTrack (ASP/AOL) [top]

[coming soon...] You may choose to run Creativyst(tm) JobTrack with us as an ASP (Application Service Provider) rental.

Advantages of ASP:

  • You may buy a single month ($7) for evaluation before committing to an entire year ($47).
  • Ideal for AOL hosted sites. You do not need a hosting service that allows scripts.
  • You do not need to install the script. We install the script for you as part of our ASP purchase procedure. You continue to have the ability to customize it to your needs though.
  • You own your data. The data you generate using the application belongs to you alone. You may download it whenever you wish.
ASP versions are sold as separate product numbers. To purchase an ASP version of JobTrack, be sure and select the ASP product that's right for you (one month or a year). The purchase page will show the amount of time you are purchasing and total cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About JobTrack

Q: Can I run this over my office LAN without connecting it to the Internet?
A: Yes. You can use your office LAN to allow everyone in the office access to the application from their desktop workstations. When JobTrack is configured in this fashion there are no Internet connection charges or security concerns, but employes will be limited to using the system only when they are phyisically AT the office (on a system that is connected to your LAN).

Q: Can I run this as a stand-alone application that is not connected to any LAN or Internet?
A: Yes. You can run the application on a single stand-alone machine if you wish. This is the most restrictive way to run this application, requiring employees to go to the single machine on which the software is installed in order to use the application. However, it should be noted that the option to place the application on your LAN (for use on any machine in your office) or on the Internet (for use from anywhere in the world) at a later time is always available. Furthermore, you may switch to a less restrictive installation without changing the application or the data it has accumulated to that point.

Q: Is source code included?
A: Yes, but only if you purchase a license. The ASP (monthly rental) model does not include distributables and so does not include source code distribution.

Other Information and Documentation

This section directs you to more detailed information on JobTrack. The following is a list of all documentation, support, and resources for Creativyst™ JobTrack.

Product & Sales Info You are here. This is the Product and Sales Information page for Creativyst™ JobTrack. It contains preliminary purchase decision support for the product as well as this index to more detailed information.
FAQ A list of Frequently Asked Questions about Creativyst™ JobTrack and web based applications in general.
Online User Help The online help which can be accessed by Creativyst™ JobTrack users. This is the formal (linear) documentation. Users also have access to pop-up and fly-over help tips from within the application itself (use the demo installation to see this).
Demonstration Installation This is a full installation of Creativyst™ JobTrack for you to try out. The only thing that's not real is the data and configuration information so feel free to add, edit, and delete job records in order to get a feel for it. Also, security has been shut off so no user name and password is required for this demonstration. For a free, secure, 60-day trial installation please select the 60-day trial option from the resource list.
Forums Go to the forums to get help using or installing JobTrack from Creativyst, Inc. (People using the 30-day ASP trial version are welcome too).


JobTrack may be configured by the user (with our help whenever you need it of course). Here is a partial list of user configurable settings:
  1. Component class names are the name of the columns on the display board. Our demo installation has named these for a kitchen and bath provider. These can be any names you choose.
  2. The number of component classes can be configured by the user. Both the total number of components, and the number of components for display on the job listing board. For example, the demo installation has 13 component classes defined, with 10 set to display on the job listing (the status of the others are collectively displayed in the column labeled "more").
  3. A list of suppliers is defined by the user for each component class along with the lead times each supplier requires for each component.
  4. Valid users are maintained along with their membership within the special "administrators" group.
If your need is similar to JobTrack but doesn't quite fit we may be able to customize it for you at a very reasonable price.

History / Background

Job Track was originally developed in response to a request for custom software by a kitchen and bath concern.

They were tracking orders on a white board at their main office and showroom location and were looking for a better solution.

The Problem: Besides the office / showroom location where the whiteboard was maintained they also had a second office and did all their shipping and receiving from a warehouse at a third location. Most of the components required to fulfill customer orders were delivered to the warehouse, and virtually all the jobs were delivered to customers from the warehouse. Even with constant communication between the three locations there were often disconnects;

  • Missed delivery dates,
  • Trucks making extra trips to get a forgotten order component
  • Incomplete deliveries because components had not arrived from suppliers or had not been ordered in time.
  • Customers being given incorrect or sketchy information about the status of orders due to missing information or a lack of trust in information about their order.
While this is an incomplete list, it does name a few of the most important problems that the client wanted solved.

The Solution: JobTrack provides a way for everyone in the enterprise to see information about order status that was once confined to a whiteboard in the back office. This information is updated in real-time which means a worker at the warehouse location can receive a component in from a supplier, and a worker at either of the other two offices can see that the component has been received one second later.

Because most small to medium sized businesses can not justify the expense of a private network between multiple locations, the decision was made to host JobTrack on the Internet. Ultimately this will be a single monthly expense for hosting (around $8.00/month if purchased from us) and ISP connections required at each location (ranging from free to about $20/month for each one). Licensing is for up to 100 locations anywhere it is permitted by local law and reachable on the internet. You may provide your own hosting if you have a server on the web (scripts are provided) though this is not recommended. There is also a pure ASP model available if desired (a good way to try out the solution before you buy it).

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